Transitioning to autumn: Spa (Belgium) and La Mercè (Spain)

So this month was all about getting back to the routine after summer. The transition was much smoother than I thought thanks to the (two) public holidays Barcelona had which included an amazing 4-festival called La Mercè.

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End of summer: Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia i Herzegovina & Croatia)

After a summer of indulgence and living easy, I said goodbye to Tim and met with my friend Marita for a short adventure in Eastern Europe.

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Picturesque drive: From Grand St. Bernard pass to Paris (Switzerland and France)

We left Turin almost at the very end of August. Our destination was Paris. We were to drive through Switzerland and France.

I was expecting a pretty drive, lots of trees, etc. but the scenery I saw during the upcoming three days was beyond anything I could have imagined.

This is a short note on what made that drive so memorable.

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To the north! Pamplona, Bilbao, San Sebastián and Lleida (Spain)

Someone very special (I wonder who) gifted Tim tickets for the BBK Live music festival in Bilbao.

We made this the perfect occasion to explore northeastern Spain. We packed the car with camping gear and off we went to discover everything we could between Barcelona and Bilbao in just a few days.

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Montseny and an olive grove in Arbeca (Spain), Antwerp (Belgium)

Having recently arrived to Barcelona, there’s so many places I want to explore. There’s many dishes I want to taste and traditions I want to learn about. That’s why I tried to make the most out of May’s weekends with trips to Montseny, an olive grove and Antwerp (in another country, yes, I know).

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