Ep. 4: How to Connect Japanese High-End Buyers with Colombian Cacao Farmers

In our fourth episode, we talk to Carlos Ignacio Velasco, Co-Founder of Cacao de Colombia, a high-end producer and marketer of premium chocolate and cocoa beans that sells its products in Japan, Australia and Colombia.

Listen here:

In 2009, along with a couple of friends, Carlos founded the company Cacao de Colombia. Based in Popayán, close to the well-known cacao-growing region Tumaco, the company works directly with smallholder associations to ensure high-quality cacao.

He is an industrial engineer with an MBA and more than a decade of experience working with speciality coffees in the Japanese market. Working in Japan, he was prompted to find out whether the same land that produces internationally sought-after coffee, can yield premium chocolate.

Carlos shares how Cacao de Colombia is building relationships with cacao-growing communities in Colombia to offer single-origin cacao that, because of its high quality, has the potential to secure good prices for farmers.

Some of the key topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Why single-origin cacao matters.
  • How can information leverage purchasing decisions.
  • How to secure constant quality from suppliers.
  • How to maintain relationships with international buyers in high-end markets.
  • How infrastructure affects the agricultural supply chain.

And much more!

Learn more about Cacao Hunters and Carlos Velasco.

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