Ep. 3: How to Change the Global Economy by Redistributing Value Along the Supply Chain

In our third episode, we talk to the Founder and CEO of a startup created to redistribute profit along the agricultural supply chain by debunking false assumptions about poor people and using technologies like blockchain.

Listen here:

Dr. Luca Alinovi is the Founder and CEO of PP Sherpas, a startup that empowers farmers to increase their incomes. It aims to do so by improving transparency and enabling access to infrastructure using a mix of technologies and concepts like blockchain and the sharing economy.

He is the Former Executive Director of the Global Resilience Partnership and held several other positions in the third and private sector including Senior Economist and Country Representative for Kenya and Somalia, all at the FAO. He holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Florence.

Luca will explain how he’s transforming his key learnings in the third and private sector into a platform that uses insights from previous FAO projects and corrects unhelpful ideas about why poor people are poor.

Some of the key topics discussed in this episode include:

  • How blockchain could be applied in agriculture.
  • How a business approach could beat NGOs at poverty alleviation.
  • Why middlemen that don’t add value are a problem.
  • What is the potential of the sharing economy in agriculture.
  • Why are misconceptions about poverty damaging.

And much more!

Learn more about Luca Alinovi.

Relevant publications:

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