Ep. 2: How to Work with Hard to Work with Markets

In our second episode, we’ll discover the market that feeds 80% of the population in developing countries.

Listen here:

Dr. Alejandro Guarín is a Senior Researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) where he works on sustainable diets, consumer behaviour and deforestation in the Amazon.

He holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Berkeley. His dissertation was a plateful, literally. Part of this dissertation sparked several topics we discuss in this episode.

Alejandro will walk us through the fascinating market that plays a critical role in developing countries to help us understand why it’s so hard to study and why it holds so much potential.

Some of the key topics discussed in this episode include:

  • What are informal markets.
  • How does the large private sector interact with informal markets.
  • How does a traditional supply chain work.
  • How does regulation affect these markets.
  • How to work with small producers.

And much more!

Learn more about Alejandro Guarín and the IIED.

Relevant publications:

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