Ep. 1: How to Rebel Against Capitalism by Selling Quinoa

We’re over the moon! The first episode is up and we’re pretty proud.

Listen here:

Sergio Núñez de Arco is the co-founder and CEO of Andean Naturals, a B Corporation that commercialises quinoa sourced from Bolivia. B stands for benefit.

In the US, a Benefit Corporation is a FOR-PROFIT corporate entity that within its legally defined goals includes having a positive impact on society, the community and the environment.

YAAAAAAAS. Exactly what we’re about on the LATAM Agrifood Ventures podcast!

But is being a B Corp all rainbows and butterflies or are there trials and tribulations?

Tune in to find out what it’s reaaally like to be a B Corporation and learn:

  • How to become a B Corp.
  • How do clients, employees and competitors react to B Corps.
  • Why Sergio decided to become an entrepreneur in Latin America.

And much more!

To stay on topic we had to edit out bits of the interview that have some golden nuggets. However! They are available to everyone in our list. Sign up to the newsletter here! (takes less than 3 seconds) and learn:

  • Why is Andean Naturals strategically set up in both the US and Bolivia?
  • What’s been the biggest operational challenge he has faced as an entrepreneur?
  • What’s the most important skill an entrepreneur should have?
  • What is the difference between doing business in Latin America and the US?
  • How to find suppliers in Latin America?

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