Transitioning to autumn: Spa (Belgium) and La Mercè (Spain)

So this month was all about getting back to the routine after summer. The transition was much smoother than I thought thanks to the (two) public holidays Barcelona had which included an amazing 4-festival called La Mercè.

Spa (Belgium)

I also got to visit a town in Belgium called Spa. It’s very close to the East. A short drive from Maastricht (Netherlands) and Cologne (Germany). We wanted to hang out in the Ardennes and also relax during the weekend. The town is famous for its mineral waters and it bottles the brand Spa. There were lots of spa’s close by too so we went to one of them and spent 3 hours floating about in the warm pools.

During that visit we stayed on a farm in Eupen, a small municipality still in Belgium. As we realised when we got there, it was also a yoga studio so there were mirrors, mats, statues of Buddha and even a gong. An interesting thing that we learned was that Eupen’s official language is German. Until that point I had thought French and Flemish were the two languages spoken in Belgium – but you learn new things everyday!

La Mercè (Spain)


Towards the end of the month, there was a 4-day festival called La Mercè in Barcelona. I picked up a full timetable at the public library and the amount of activities was overwhelming. So I went to two, the inauguration parade on Friday and the Castellers on Sunday. It was very exciting! My favourite bit was when the kids that were sent to the top of the towers slid down like little monkeys.

After watching lots of different towers, we went to Parc de Ciutadella (the one with the golden chariots). There’s was lots of food trucks (mostly for burgers). We had a couple of drinks and a juicy burger with guacamole (OMG). Throughout the weekend it was very sunny, the highest temperature was 26°C.

Talk about a smooth transition to Autumn, it still feels like summer!


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