Montseny and an olive grove in Arbeca (Spain), Antwerp (Belgium)

Having recently arrived to Barcelona, there’s so many places I want to explore. There’s many dishes I want to taste and traditions I want to learn about. That’s why I tried to make the most out of May’s weekends with trips to Montseny, an olive grove and Antwerp (in another country, yes, I know).


Montseny is a natural park to the east of Catalonia. May was so warm in Barcelona so I really appreciated going to a park with cooler temperatures because of the altitude and because of the tree shade. Martina (a colleague from uni) and I parked her car near a hotel within the park and went for an hour trek. We got to see a beautiful view with a lake and even walked through bits of melting snow. It did feel like May in Montseny. I’m looking forward to going back this Autumn. Pure air and an atmosphere for reflection.

Olive grove in Arbeca

This was such a treat! I’m crazy for learning how foods are made. Since Spain is the number one producer of olive oil in the world, I HAD to learn how it was made. But really, like HAD to.

We got in touch with this young olive oil producer. I was thinking, well a young producer is in his, let’s say, mid 30s. Umm no. He was in his early 20s fresh out of uni.

His olive grove was in Arbeca, Lleida. The area grows the cultivar arbequina. My favourite bit was hanging amongst the olive trees which were pretty old. The oldest in this field was about 500 years old. Thinking about all the generations that have cultivated the same tree is pretty touching.

We got to sample the olive oil and were given a bottle to take home. The two-hour tour with the tasting was about €20 per person. Totally worth it and a really nice way to spend an afternoon.


I’d never been. It’s known for being the capital of the Flemish region in Belgium. Tim and I went on a Sunday and got to have lunch at some sort of Sunday food truck festival. It was nice. I liked the train station and just walking along the cobbly streets in the centre.

So that was May!


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