January: Château de la Hulpe (Belgium) | Travel

February: Villa de Leyva (Colombia) | Travel

March: The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (Spain) | Travel

April: Valencia, Murcia, Palm groves in Elche and Cartagena (Spain) | Travel

May: Montseny and olive grove in Arbeca (Spain), Antwerp (Belgium) | Travel

June: Dinant (Belgium), Madrid (Spain) | Travel

June: Delivering the SDGs: Agrifood Companies in 2017 | Work

July: Pamplona, Bilbao, San Sebastián and Lleida (Spain) | Travel

July: BES 2017 – El hábito de documentar el mundo natural | Events

August: Piedmont, Turin, Lake Maggiore and hazelnut fields (Italy) | Travel

August: From Grand St. Bernard pass to Paris (Switzerland and France) | Travel

September: Eastern Eur. (Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia & Croatia) | Travel

September: Spa (Belgium) and La Mercè (Spain) | Travel

October: Representing Catalonia at the EEAC Annual Conference| Events