Climate Change MOOC

Welcome to this page dedicated to the University of Exeter’s Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions MOOC on Future Learn! I’m happy that you’ve decided to take your online learning experience further by dedicating a bit more time each week to pausing and making sense of the material in your own way. I will be joining you of course – as each week progresses you will be able to click on the links below:

Week 1: Driving out misinformation with blankets, feedback loops and albedos

Week 2: Climate over time

Week 3: A very unscientific explanation of how shells are formed

Week 4: Not a definite answer

Week 5: How healthy is your ocean?

Week 6: Mindfulness, finance theory and food security

Week 7: The zero emissions communities of Gandhi, Fidel, Thatcher and Chomsky

Week 8: Putting in the (patch)work





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