Never again buy 2 get 3 at the supermarket – Waste Not Want Not

When my classmate Ray said this during our Political Economy of Food and Agriculture lecture, I immediately lifted my gaze and nodded because it made so much sense:

“30% of what is harvested from the field never actually reaches the marketplace (primarily the supermarket) due to trimming, quality selection and failure to conform to purely cosmetic criteria”[1].

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Using technology to multiply the reach of oral tradition

The category Cool initiatives is a space to briefly summarise and highlight projects and programmes in agriculture that work to increase food security and that I find cool. From implementation of important theories, such as participative action research, to the use of novel tools to support old traditions, cool can mean different things.

I’m really interested in applications of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve agriculture. I’m particularly keen on ideas that seem natural and could be appropriated by the users. That’s why digitalGREEN caught my attention.

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